MS Queen Victoria Position (Ship Tracker)

Without any introductions – here’s the link to the second Cunard liner MS Queen Victoria current position at VesselFinder. It will open in a new tab on your browser to show you the Queen Victoria ship location on the world map. Below we offer you some “under the hood” stuff concerning the (cruise) ship tracking as equipment and data processing.

The Queen Victoria ship position link will connect you to – one of the top 5 live AIS ship tracking (worldwide coverage) websites for real time data on marine vessels (ships) positions and traffic. Why we prefer VesselFinder over the rest? Because of the following three simple reasons:

  • it’s in the “free ship tracking website” category – a no charge service allowing you to use a huge database (all the world’s ports and thousands upon thousands ships of all kinds)
  • it’s light and simple to use (with a dynamic, user-friendly interface, and without unnecessary functions)
  • it offers 9 languages to choose from (constantly adding new ones).

MS Queen Victoria Position

As data, the current position of Queen Victoria on your computer (or smart phone, or whatever gadget you got with “screen-CPU-Internet”) is always a result of an AIS ship tracking software. What is what and how it really works? Nowadays, virtually all of the ships are equipped with an AIS transponder (“Automatic Identification System”) to broadcast the vessel’s unique and most valuable information – its name, current position, speed, destination, cargo, etc. (as to the ship location – this data is provided by a GPS). At regular time intervals the AIS data is transmitted via a VHF antenna (“Very High Frequency”). All transmissions will be received by one or several AIS transponders (depending on the ship’s current position). An AIS transponder could be installed on both other vessels or on land-based radio systems.

Cunard ms Queen Victoria ship position at VesselFinder COM

The Queen Victoria position tracking is just like any other (cruise) ship location tracking process – her AIS transmits, a transponder(s) receives the data to share it with special sites on the  Internet (functioning as “data hubs”), than a server processes the digital info to display ship locations as a coordinates on your screen. Unique to each ship (the Cunard QV included) are the following “special” numbers – IMO (7 digits given to ship owners by the International Maritime Organization), MMSI (9 digits, one of the many in the MMSI ITU database) and call sign (another unique number, related to the ship’s broadcasting).

The three very important numbers for the ms Queen Victoria cruise ship position (AIS location tracking) are:

  • IMO number: 9320556
  • MMSI number: 310624000
  • Call Sign: ZCEF3. This is a new callsign (it was changed when all Cunard liners was re-registered in the end of 2011 from Great Britain (Southampton) to their current flag-state – Bermuda (Hamilton).

So use the above link to find where is the Queen Victoria cruise ship right now. Be always happy on your always special Cunard QV cruises – the second of the most famous ocean liners of the world!