Queen Victoria Deck Plans

Cunard Queen Victoria deck plans – what’s what, and where are located all the facilities, public venues and passenger rooms (cabins) of the ms Queen Victoria  ship.

Our Queen Victoria deck plan review will show you all there is on the second Cunard cruise ship – deck by deck. You’ll know the exact location of all passenger cabins, their numbers and to which categories they belong. All the Queen Victoria ship bars and lounges are listed as names and deck location, with a concise description of their features and amenities. And this is the link to the new Queen Victoria deck plans in PDF format (you can save the pdf deck plan as a file via right mouse button click on the link, then the “save as” option from the menu). The following links are to the Cunard’s website, and the ship’s page at Wikipedia.

Cunard Queen Victoria deck plans

Cunard Queen Victoria Deck Plans

Our Cunard QV deck plans are shown in thumbnails (not full-sized) and will open in the same window. Click on the QV deck plan image to enlarge, and Back on your web browser to return to article.

The Cunard Queen Victoria cruise ship has 16 decks with 12 passenger decks (accessible to the guests of the ship). On QV there are 4 below waterline decks (also called Hull decks) dedicated to all the Tender services (passenger embarkation and disembarkation). On these decks are also located all the crew accommodations, storage areas, the ship’s engines and diesel generators, the fuel tanks. As to the access – these are crew-only decks.

QV Deck 1 planCunard Queen Victoria Deck 1 Plan

Queen Victoria deck 1 plan is for the lowest passenger deck. It shows (left to right) the lower levels of the “Royal Court Theatre” and the ship’s 3-story high lobby. Other public spaces here are the the “ConneXions” (a PC center), an Internet Room, the Voyage Sales Office (guest services desk), public toilets. On this level there are also 6 elevators and staterooms in the categories OceanView and Deluxe Inside.

  • Cabin Categories on Deck 1 – Deluxe Inside (D2), Oceanview (C1, C2, C3).
  • ConneXions” is an educational centre for the line’s enrichment programme named “College at Sea” (by the University of Oxford). It includes seminars and lectures, along with themed discussions on subjects, such as history, economy and politics, science, etc
  • Royal Court Theater” has 830 seats. In its program there are large musical productions featuring “Royal Academy of Dramatic Art” performances. This venue also has the ever first private theater boxes on a ship, and it’s also used for movie projections.
  • The QV ship’s 3-tier “Grand Lobby” is magnificent. It makes quite an impression on first-time guests.

QV Deck 2 planCunard Queen Victoria Deck 2 Plan

Queen Victoria deck 2 plan (left to right) shows the lower level of the “Britannia Restaurant”, the “Chart Room”, “Cafe Carinthia”, the “Champagne Bar”, the “Todd English” bar, “The Library” (lower level), “Cunardia”, the “Queens Room”, the “Queens Arcade”, “The Golden Lion”, the “Empire Casino”, and the middle level of the “Royal Court Theatre”.

  • The Queen Victoria ship’s casino has a total of 7 tables, with 88 slot machines, and a small bar.
  • “The Golden Lion” is a traditional English pub (also a casual lunch venue).
  • The “Chart Room” is a classy pre-dinner cocktail bar and lounge, featuring a cabaret singer.
  • The 2-deck high “Queens Room” is the QV’s ballroom dancing place. It is also used for cocktail parties and serving afternoon tea.
  • The 2-tiered  “Britannia Restaurant” is a Britannia Staterooms guests only main dining room.
  • “Todd English” is reservations-only Mediterranean inspired bar and food venue.
  • “The Library” has an impressive collection of over 6,000 books.
  • “Cunardia” is a maritime museum.

QV Deck 3 planCunard Queen Victoria Deck 3 Plan

Queen Victoria deck 3 plan (left to right) shows the upper level of the “Britannia Restaurant”, the “Images” (digital photo studio), a lounge area, the next level of the “Grand Lobby”, the “Card Room”, “Library”, “The Book Shop”, “ConneXions 2 and 3”, the “Art Gallery”, next level of “Queens Room”, 4 Boutique Shops, the “Royal Arcade”, and the Royal Court Theatre” upper level.

  • The ship’s “Art Gallery” is for art auctions at sea.
  • The “Royal Arcade” is a spacious boutique shopping venue.

Queen Victoria Deck 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 plans (cabin decks)

  • Queen Victoria deck 4 plan (Cabin Categories on Deck 4) – Balcony (A4, A5, A6, A7), Balcony Wheelchair (A4), Oceanview with Obstructed View (C4, C5), Penthouse (Q4), Princess Suite (P3, P4), Princess Suite Wheelchair (P3), Queens Suite (Q5), Standard Inside (D7, D8).Cunard Queen Victoria Deck 4 Plan
  • Queen Victoria deck 5 plan (Cabin Categories) – Balcony (A4, A5, A6-Obstructed View, A4-Wheelchair), Penthouse (Q4), Princess Suite (P1, P2), Queens Suite (Q5), Standard Inside (D6).Cunard Queen Victoria Deck 5 Plan
  • Queen Victoria deck 6 plan – here are located two of the Queen Victoria’s Grand Suites (Q1) named “The Laconia Suite” and “The Mauritania Suite”. Other categories – Balcony (A3, A4, A3-Wheelchair, A4-Wheelchair), Deluxe Inside (D1, D1-Wheelchair), Grand Suite (Q1), Oceanview (C1), Penthouse (Q3), Princess Suite (P2).Cunard Queen Victoria Deck 6 Plan
  • Queen Victoria deck 7 plan – features the Grand Suites (Q1) “The Aquantia Suite” and “The Berengaria Suite”, and the Master Suite (Q2) “The Carpathia Suite” and “The Caronia Suite”. Other category cabins – Balcony (A2, A3, A2-Wheelchair), Princess Suite (P1), Queens Suite (Q6, Q7, Q6-Wheelchair), Standard Inside (D4).Cunard Queen Victoria Deck 7 Plan
  • Queen Victoria deck 8 plan – Balcony (A1, A2, A1-Wheelchair), Deluxe Inside (D1), Penthouse (Q3), Princess Suite (P1), Queens Suite (Q5), Standard Inside (D3).Cunard Queen Victoria Deck 8 Plan

QV Deck 9 plan

Cunard Queen Victoria Deck 9 PlanQueen Victoria deck 9 plan (left to right) starts with the Lido Pool and its 2 Jacuzzis, the Pool bar and the Pool Grill, the Lido buffet, the “Winter Garden”. Follows the “Pavilion Pool” with its own 2 Whirlpools plus a Hydropool, the “Pavilion” bar. The ship’s huge “Cunard Royal Spa and Fitness Centre” – Reception Desk, Thermal Suites, “Hair Salon”, and an Aerobic area.

  • The “Lido Buffet” is a 450-guests capacity casual dining restaurant, with themed dinner menus.
  • The “Winter Garden” is the QV ship’s greenery, with a retractable glass roof.
  • The “Pavilion Pool” has 2 whirlpools, and a poolside drinks bar.
  • The Queen Victoria ship’s “Royal Spa & Fitness Centre” has its amazing ocean views, with numerous treatment rooms.

Queen Victoria Deck 10, 11 and 12 plans

Queen Victoria deck 10 plan (left to right) includes “The Zone”, “The Play Zone”, “Hemispheres”, “Churchill’s Cigar Lounge”, “Admirals Lounge”, and the “Commodore Club”.

  • “The Zone” (nursery, kids 2-7 yo) and “The Play Zone” (kids 8-12 yo) are the ship’s Children Programme venues run by qualified nannies.
  • The glass-domed “Hemispheres” is a daily observation lounge and a night club.
  • The “Commodore Club” is an elegant cocktail bar with its own great views.Cunard Queen Victoria Deck 10 Plan

Queen Victoria deck 11 plan – on the left are located “Queens Grill”, “Princess Grill”, “The Courtyard”, “The Grill’s Lounge”, “The Terrace”. On the right is the “Sports Deck”.

  • The “Queens Grill” is a Queens Grill staterooms guests only dining venue with a la carte menus.
  • “The Grills Lounge” is a pre-dinner drinks venue with its own elevator, and opens onto the Grill’s Terrace.
  • The Queen Victoria ship’s “Sports Deck” features various games and daily tournaments, such as shuffleboard, tennis, quoits, a huge deck chess-board, golf nets.Cunard Queen Victoria Deck 11 Plan

Queen Victoria deck 12 plan has the Grill’s upper terrace. Two of all 6 elevators reach to this level of the ship.Cunard Queen Victoria Deck 12 Plan

I hope you like our Queen Victoria deck plans review! Soon we’ll post a review article about Queen Victoria cruise ship cabins (grades, sizes, amenities, inclusions by category, etc). Happy Cunard Queen Victoria ship cruises!